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From Detox to Counseling in Inpatient Detox Centers

More than one in every ten Americans is suffering from a substance addiction. That's 22.7 million Americans with a preventable, treatable disease. In North Carolina, approximately 3% of adults suffer from drug addiction and another 6% are alcohol dependent – just shy of 900,000 North Carolinians in total. Even more shocking is that – despite how widespread the issue is – only 10% of individuals across the nation who need treatment for their substance abuse disorder actually receive the help they so desperately need. However, treatment is available in the drug rehab centers Charlotte offers and the process begins in inpatient detox centers.

All drug inpatient rehab, begins at inpatient detox centers that specialize in helping an addict withdrawal from their drug in a safe, comfortable environment. Withdrawal from any drug causes painful, distressing, and in some cases life threatening symptoms which can include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dangerously high or low heart rate / blood pressure
  • Tremors
  • Mood swings
  • Acute anxiety and depression
  • Seizures

These symptoms can be incredibly frightening and dangerous to experience alone in a "cold turkey" attempt at detox, which is why inpatient detox centers are such an important part of the drug rehab centers Charlotte, North Carolina has to offer. Here, trained medical staff members are able to monitor an addict's reaction to withdrawing from their drug of choice and administer the appropriate medications to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms. Inpatient detox centers are often partnered or associated with a particular drug inpatient rehab and will work with an individual's counselor to prepare them for the next step in their treatment.

After completing detoxification, an addict is admitted to one of the drug rehab centers Charlotte offers for drug addiction treatment. The treatment program you are prescribed depends on the drug(s) to which you are addicted as well as your overall mental health. In the best drug inpatient rehab centers, a recovering addict will be evaluated to rule out or determine the need for a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is the term used to describe a situation in which an individual receives a diagnosis of a second, separate psychiatric condition in addition to their addiction. Common secondary diagnosis are depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. This situation may sound frightening, but receiving a dual diagnosis is the best thing that can happen for someone suffering from more than one illness because it allows them to receive the treatment they need for both disorders and more fully recover from this challenging time in their life.

Dual diagnosis or not, the majority of a recovering addict's treatment program in drug inpatient rehab centers is made up of various forms of counseling. Whether through individual counseling, group therapy, or education and training courses, each activity during treatment is designed to prepare you for returning to everyday life. In order to prepare you, an individual counselor may work through the underlying factors of your addiction's development as well as any other emotional or psychiatric needs that may be impacting your recovery process. Group counseling also involves "talking it out," but is a peer directed event that connects recovering addicts with one another through shared experiences, concerns, and most importantly their common goal of sobriety. Education and training can range from learning the science of how addiction works on a neurological level to relapse prevention training which arms you with the coping mechanisms necessary to stop a relapse before it happens.

Charlotte Rehab Programs

Inpatient treatment for addiction is rarely the end of a recovery program. The drug rehab centers Charlotte is home to offer outpatient treatment programs, twelve step programs, and a variety of post-treatment counseling and resources to aid you in your continued journey to sobriety. For more information on inpatient detox centers, drug inpatient rehab, outpatient programs, and more, reach out to Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers or the 24 hour helpline at (704) 665-1880.



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