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The main goal at Charlotte Substance Abuse Treatment Centers is to help people obtain the appropriate tools so they can gain and maintain lasting sobriety. There are various therapies that promote balance, inner peace and healthy coping mechanisms, so individuals are better able to deal with the hardships of addiction and get on the road to recovery.

Finding the Courage to Face Your Substance Dependency

Facing your addiction requires an enormous amount of courage and confidence. Being able to change from such a habitual behavior like addiction is one of the hardest forms of change. Even if it's a change for the good, it can still seem like an impossible task. Recovery is not something that just happens; rather, it is an ongoing process that must be constantly addressed if you wish to remain sober. Centers that offer substance abuse treatment believe that courage does not arise without some fear. Thus, courage can be defined as taking action despite the amount of anxiety and fear plaguing your mind. Rehab programs are geared towards building confidence and self-esteem through individualized treatment methods derived from your initial assessment. By being honest, open-minded and willing, you will realize that you do have the courage to change.

Overcoming Addiction

Therapists offering substance abuse treatment in Charlotte point to the shame-addiction cycle as a common trigger for drug use. The shame-addiction cycle is when the shame from addiction engenders negative feelings that lead you to drugs in order to relieve those feelings. Then, you feel even more shameful for giving in to your temptations, causing you to turn to drugs once again. Thankfully, at the Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Charlotte offers, people can learn the steps needed to break this vicious cycle.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are feeling shameful. By doing so, you may learn that it is only a natural response that should not afford any negative judgments. If you learn to accept your feelings, you will have an easier time throughout your recovery. The second step is to accept the notion that you are not defined by your addiction. No one is without faults. It just happens to be that case that your fault is different from others', but that does not make you any less significant. Third, after recognizing your shortcomings, you must accept them. Fourth, you must come to the realization that you are not alone, and the last step is to forgive yourself. There is no good reason to carry the burden of self-loathing during recovery. Forgiving yourself will allow you to better cope with your reality.

Help From Substance Abuse Treatment Charlotte

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