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In Charlotte, NC painkillers are accountable for killing more people each year than cocaine and heroin combined. According to WCNC one out of every five students abuse prescription medicine. With the surge in prescription abuse and crackdowns on how people are getting these medications, it is to be assumed that these addicts will turn to heroin if they can no longer get pills. Four out of five heroin addicts begin their addiction on prescription pills. Treatment is the only way to prevent the cycle and save lives. If you are struggling with an addiction think about your future, think about your family, and think how much better things would be if drugs were not the center of attention.

Surviving Your Body's Addiction to Drugs

Help for addiction begins with trying to reverse the body's dependence on the substance of abuse. Your body will have to adjust to not receiving the drug it has become dependent on, because addiction is both physical and emotional. Being addicted to a drug can leave you feeling lost and like you cannot survive the detox process. With the help from the caring staff at drug treatment facilities the symptoms of withdrawal can be curbed and you can feel safe knowing that they are responsive to anything you might need.

Counseling and Therapy Are Important Parts of the Process

After detox, your next step in recovery is learning the reasons for your addiction and ways to deal with the trauma, stress, or anxiety that caused your dependency on drugs in the first place. As you receive treatment for drug abuse, dedicated staff members will help you mend not only your relationship with yourself but others who may have been affected by your addiction. By beginning amendments in treatment through family counseling your relationships will be more comfortable when inpatient treatment ends. By the time you leave any of the rehab facilities, you will understand the triggers that might lead to a relapse and how to deal with them in a healthy and appropriate way. Finding activities and positive influences to promote recovery are all important factors in a successful sobriety.

In many cases, a drug problem began as a social use of illegal substances at parties and social events and then spiraled into something you feel powerless against. Call Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers (704) 665-1880 today to learn more about how the treatments for drug abuse Charlotte offers can help you take back control of your life.

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