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20 Charlotte, NC Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Many people who have an addiction to drugs and alcohol are nervous about the thought of entering inpatient drug alcohol rehab treatment centers. Some of them fear change while others fear the loss of access to people in their social circles. Inpatient care is some of the most effective treatment an addicted person can receive. One of main reasons that inpatient care works is the healthy change of environment. Clients who enter Drug Treatment Centers in Charlotte are immediately taken to a place where they are safe from poor influences and access to substances that control their lives. Such a safe haven gives a person a fighting chance against addiction. Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers is a fortress of support for people looking for treatment centers. We can help you find a rehab center that will meet all of your needs.

The Mission of Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers

The mission of Drug Treatment Centers in Charlotte NC is to reshape the lives of people who have allowed the negative aspects of addiction to change them. These facilities use a number of services and resources to help addicted persons to rebuild their lives. Each staff member dedicates his or her life to bringing hope into another human being's day. The staff will treat every person who contacts or visits a residential facility with the utmost respect and courtesy. Drug treatment facilities will not judge any person with an addiction, for addiction can happen to anyone. Instead, these staff members will fill each person with hope and try to give the push that he or she needs to step toward happiness and purity. Sobriety, drug free living, and fostering meaningful relationships are the goals of our facility.

Types of Treatment Available

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Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers connects you to a wide range of facilities with proper services to offer its clients. Most services begin with detox. This is the process in which an addicted person is rid of the physical need for a drug. During detoxification, the addicted person goes through withdrawal symptoms and other adjustments. Staff members are available to monitor, assist and encourage the clients to keep going. Once a person makes it over the hill of detox, the rest of the path to recovery becomes clear. Counseling is another service that a Charlotte drug rehab provides. Counseling allows the addicted person to meet minds with a professional who understands the origin of addiction. This person will help the addicted person face his or her demons and then develop creative ways to battle them. Counseling breeds the emotional strength and willpower that many people find in rehab.

Therapies for the Mind, Body and Soul

Drug Treatment in Charlotte also offers a wide variety of therapies. Various therapies medicate the mind, body and spirit. One type of therapy that may be available for a person is nutritional therapy. Nutritional therapies involve eating foods that improve mood and boost positivity. Exercise therapy is another type of therapy that Charlotte Drug Treatment would provide. Artistic therapy is excellent for addicted persons as well. Artistic therapy would include activities such as painting, drawing, sculpting, writing and playing musical instruments. This type of therapy teaches a person to find other outlets for emotional disturbances. Talk therapy is another type of therapy that opens the lines of communication and promotes healing. The facilities offer 12-step programs, family therapy, trauma resolution strategies, interventions, dual diagnosis treatment and more. Their mission is to be an addicted person's salvation.

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Charlotte is located in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. With more than 775,202 residents, Charlotte is a major area for banking institutions and business. Charlotte has a humid subtropical climate just as most of the other cities in the state. Temperatures can get as high as 90 degrees in July or as low as 34 degrees in February. A multitude of attractions are available in Charlotte, which is why many tourists visit. Some of the best attractions in Charlotte are the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Carowinds Amusement Park, and Discovery Palace. For help finding a treatment center, contact Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers at (704) 665-1880.

Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Charlotte

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