Early Alcohol Use Means Citations for Charlotte Residents

Citations for Early Alcohol Use in Charlotte

Almost a dozen students were issued citations for alcohol violations at the first Rock Hill High School football game in Rock Hill. That night, officers approached a Clemson tent and saw coolers containing various bottles and cups containing alcoholics beverages. A 17-year-old claimed possession of some of the bottles. Each teen was cited for minor in possession of alcohol, and they were not allowed to enter the stadium. Their parents were notified. This can be a consequence of early alcohol use. Early alcohol use can lead to addiction later in life. These teens were lucky that they only got citations for their actions. Don't ruin your life with early alcohol use. Alcohol rehab centers in Charlotte NC can help you stay away from drinking and avoid peer pressure. If you believe your teen or young adult needs help with alcohol addiction, contact Charlotte Drug Treatment Centers at (704) 665-1880 today. We will help you find the best alcohol addiction treatment centers to meet your loved one's recovery needs.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is classified as unhealthy drinking behaviors that could impact on a person's health, work or relationships. Binge drinking, drinking more than the recommended amount of alcohol every day, drinking to excess in between period of abstaining, or drinking in dangerous situations are all considered abusive drinking patterns. The difference between alcohol abuse and addiction is that with abusive drinking behaviors the person still has some control over the amount they drink. By comparison, a person with an alcohol dependency has lost control over their drinking.

How Does Alcohol Abuse Transition into Addiction?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that alters the brain's chemistry. Over time, the brain starts to adapt to the presence of alcohol in the system. Certain neurotransmitters start to change in order to allow the brain to try and function normally in the presence of alcohol. Production of the neurotransmitters is increased in an effort to counteract some of alcohol's sedative effects. The liver metabolizes alcohol using certain enzymes. Drinking heavily over a period of time increases the number of enzymes the liver produces, which means the person needs to drink more in order to achieve the same effects, therefore developing a tolerance. THe centers for alcohol treatment Charlotte NC offers can get you on the path to recovery. In addition, Metrolina Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (http://charlotteaa.org/meetingschedule.cfm) lets you bond with fellow and recovering drinkers.

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