Cocaine Street Names

Get Informed: Teaching your kids the many Cocaine street names used may help them be more alert and aware of possible dangers.

It is a scary thought to imagine that your children may be victim of any harm. Accidents, violence, substance abuse... Society faces many dangers, and drug addiction is not one to ignore. Teaching your kids about commonly used cocaine street names can actually help them stay alert.

Children are considered an "easy prey". It is a classificatory term that many dislike, but truth is that children are more prone and susceptible to lies and traps. They can become victims are a higher rate than any adult can.

Some of the dangers that are always latent include drug abuse. Educating your children - and loved ones - about the other names for cocaine could prevent that they take the substance without knowing what it is.

The most common street name for cocaine is the "shorter" version of the original: Coke. Coke is the widely used term that many adults - and health specialists - use to identify the substance. But, another common street name for cocaine is "Blow".

Blow comes from the first method through which the drug is consumed: snorting it through your nose. It is a peculiar name, but, nonetheless doesn't take away from the actual dangers of consuming the drug.

There are many cocaine street names, and it would seem like the list just keeps getting longer. Aside from the simple "Coke" and above-mentioned "Blow", the most common cocaine street names are:

  • Snow
  • Dust
  • White
  • Candy
  • Cola
  • Line
  • Stash
  • Flake
  • Big Rush
  • Nose Candy
  • Basa

In addition to these, there are other names for cocaine that may seem even more innocent, therefore our children could think they are being offered something harmless. The other names for cocaine that we should be informed about, are:

  • Toot
  • Powder
  • Pearl
  • C
  • Yeyo
  • Rail
  • Baseball
  • Big Flakes
  • Bump

Other hidden dangers from this particular drug, include the different additives it can appear with.

Sometimes, cocaine obtained on the streets can be mixed with other substances in order to obtain different kinds of effects. It is not uncommon to find cocaine mixed with Marijuana, PCP, Heroin, Metamphetamine, Ecstasy and even LSD.

In these cases, cocaine street names vary from the ones mentioned above. Street name for cocaine when mixed with other substances include:

  • Cocopuffs
  • Spaceball
  • Speedball
  • Woolies
  • Boy-Girl
  • Candy Flipping
  • Snow Seals
  • Flamethrowers
  • Bumping Up

While these names may sound "fun", it is the same case as before: it doesn't take away from the dangers the drug represents.

It is important to have an open communication with our children when it comes to drug use and substance abuse. Being informed and being able to provide the right information to our loved ones can make a huge difference in the way they phase the issue.

If our children or loved ones falls victim of substance abuse, the right and effective way to help is by getting them professional help.

When someone is struggling with substance abuse, even from the first try, they need to be aware of the dangers the substance poses to their health, their body and overall life.

If necessary, a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment will be able to detoxify and rehabilitate someone struggling with drug abuse.

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